GC is Getting a Reboot

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Ok, ok… I know. I have this blog and I never use it. I find myself asking, “Why don’t you use this?!?” The answer is simple really. I use Facebook as my way to reach out. I have done some soul-searching on this one and realized that Facebook only goes so far now-a-days. With security being so tight, with good reason, only my friends see what I post. And trust me I have come up with some GOLD in the last few months.

So here is what is going to happen:
I am actually going to use this blog! My Facebook friends, Twitter followers and now the public will be able to keep up with what it is going on in my head. As well as various and sundry things that I find. I have connected my blog to both Facebook and Twitter! So… I hope that you find some joy and amusement as well as some info.

To start, I would LOVE to share this with you guys (NSFW audio):


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