I’m Terrible

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I’m terrible, just as the title states. Why do I consider myself terrible? Every time I sit down and decide that I am going to start blogging again, I make one post and ghost. It’s probably why no one reads or visits this site, they have no reason to.

I have many hobbies and love them. This should be easy. Yet, I do nothing. I can easily write about my adventures in technology, photography, videography, ham radio, and gaming. Or I could throw up a blurb about my experiences in vaping, my journey quitting smoking, becoming a father, being a husband (though I will admit, I am not a great one), and any other adventure my life takes me on.

One day I would like to look back on this blog to remember the times we’ve had, the experiences shared, and the information and education taken from all of it.

Life has changed a lot over the last 10 months since I have been active here, and I think it is time to bring it up to date. Keep your eyes peeled, if you are so inclined and can withstand the brutal dry eye, for an upcoming post containing the current status of the resident geek. Exciting things to look forward to with a few surprises!

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