Memorial Day (Long Weekend) Fun

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In a blog post yesterday, my wife gave a preview of one of the projects I attempted and completed during our long weekend. She called it her “Garden that Love Built.” I call it a raised bed garden, but I understand where she came up with the name that she did.

So for my first project, I present The Garden that Love Built. It was a fun, quick and easy build.  It took only a mere hour or two and hardly any investment at all!  I used some scrap lumber we had lying around and slapped it together. While my wife will disagree with this, she says my projects are all “infinitely more well thought out and elegant.” I understand where she comes from, I am uber bothered by projects that will fall apart months after inception and think that all projects should be well thought out. Moving on, after the main structure of said garden was built I had to make the layers. I placed a section of landscape fabric down, placed the structure on top of it and then added some 2B stone for drainage and topped it all off with some garden soil.  Have a look-see below, nothing big… but it will grow some veggies!

"The Garden that Love Built"
“The Garden that Love Built”

The second project was one I have been meaning to tackle for some time now. I love fire, so why wouldn’t I have a fire pit? I finally got around to creating one! This one again required little investment, and was made using material I already had lying around. You see, we seem to have this “oasis” in our back yard; it’s the remnants of a once loved pool that got destroyed 2 winters ago by a freak October snowstorm. After I had dismantled the pool, saving all the metal for scrap value, it left this wonderful ring of sand that I tried to pawn off for a year or so. Needless to say, I had a bunch of takers but no one actually ever came to pick the sand up. This sand ring is now where our freshly built fire pit resides. It is actually quite nice to sit in the sand next to a fire.

This fire pit was created using a few lone cinder blocks to make the main base of the fire pit and then I decorated the ring with miscellaneous rocks I had been keeping as I found them.  I might mention that this pile of rock has been bothering my wife for some time. Now I just get to sit back and say, “You see why I have been keeping this stuff? So I can make us nice things!” However, I don’t think that this will go over so well. So, check out our new fire pit:

The Fire Pit
The Fire Pit

All in all, this long weekend was a success. While I set out to do more, I was met with some setback. I also wanted to get my camper ready for the upcoming camping season. This is a whole other story for a different time. Until then my friends!

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