ReBoot is Getting a Reboot?!?

ReBoot is Getting a Reboot?!?

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Holy. Cow. Ok, so I am going to show my age here… But back in the day I lived for this cartoon. Yes I was uber geeky when I was a kid but hey, what has changed since then? I don’t normally steal/link from other blogs, but when I do it has got to be awesome and this is:

For all the youngsters who are now Googling “reboot,” realizing that’s useless, and then instead Googling “reboot cartoon,” and then laughing at the image search results, your elders would like to explain to you a thing. Once upon a time, back in 1994 when the internet as we know it was still kind of a mystical thing that only scientists and weirdos used, and the ideas of “realistic” and “video game graphics” were only just starting to go together (I mean, the first Tomb Raider was still two years away), Saturday morning television had it’s very first half hour long entirely computer animated series about anthropomorphized computer components.

I cannot wait for this. Seriously. Cannot. Wait. I am currently Googling trying to find a place to watch the entire series now before the ReBoot reboot comes out. Yes, I know this is a little over the top; and yes, I know there still isn’t a date. When you have a chance at reliving a part of your childhood that may have has some impact on what you are today wouldn’t you do it?? I am all about it.


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