SimCity Beta Invites Sent!

SimCity Beta Invites Sent!

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EA has sent out the latest round of closed beta invites for SimCity.  Be sure to check your inbox if you signed up for it.  Otherwise, now may be a good time to sign up!

I just downloaded the client and it is now patching to the latest release.  I will drop some notes to this post after I have a little play time.  Keep checking back for updates.


16FEB13-1155: Still patching… one of the worst parts is waiting to play.

SimCity Patching







17FEB13-1100: Got to play for a few hours.  I couldn’t take screenshots for whatever reason.  But the play was familiar and the graphics were great for what style game it is.  I am still on the fence about pre-ordering.  I think I might wait for a sale to pick this game up.

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