Soooo, we got a dog.

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Yup, you guessed it… Amanda and I got a dog!  Ryder is a 7 month old pure bread Golden Retriever.  He is very energetic, curious and playful!  Amanda and I took him to The Nazareth Dog Park yesterday and he did so well with the other dogs no matter the size.  He does need a bit of training though and thankfully we know just the right person!

I am a little apprehensive in sharing Ryder’s story with you, as we are still getting the full enchilada. For now I will say that we adopted Ryder from a family.  His previous mother was allergic to him (but we think that this is not the case.)  As the story develops I will share more, but I want to be sure that I have the whole story instead of speculations.

Our next steps will be to get him neutered and groomed… his coat is out of control.  He also has really dry skin which is a huge concern of mine.  So from here we need to find those services… any recommendations?

Time for Eagles football Sunday!  We need to get Ryder an Eagles jersey.


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