This hits home…

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Growing in up in small town where everyone knows everything that is going on was hard.  Especially when you are one of the outcasts.  The following video is emotional, enlightening, eye-opening and amazing.  Please watch it in its entirety.



I wish I could have been this strong at his age.  It was at the same age that I too felt I should give up.  Instead, I turned to drugs and bad behavior… and you think I turned out alright?  I did not.  I still remember those times in school when you were the scum to someone and for no good reason.  Maybe it was because they wanted to make themselves feel better, or maybe because they were bored.  But it is time that bullying in schools got more attention.  It is time for those less fortunate to have a chance at a normal life.  I wish I had this chance.

I hope that Jonah gets his chance at being able to grow up experiencing the things that the kids around him do…

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