Viva la REVIVAL!!

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OK, OK… I know I sound like a broken record. In all actuality, I am being put to shame by my own wife. I started this whole blog craze (mainly fueled by my own curiosity to master the art of WordPress) and I am not even keeping up with mine. Well, this is my own fault and I think I get in my own way.

On one hand, I over think the content. I mean, the title of this blog is “Geekdom Come,” so I have to post geek posts, right? Well, I have come to the realization, recently I might add, that it is my blog and I can post what I want. The title is just that… a title. I like the title and it shouldn’t dictate what I post. So folks, the format is changing. I am taking back my Geekdom.

This blog is going to be what I set out for it to be a long time ago: a place for me to share. Expect to see posts that vary from the subject of chickens to video gaming and everything in between. My first post in the new format (besides this one) will be about my fun weekend and the projects I worked on!

I hope that I will retain your readership (for the few that have stuck around) and also hope to find some new readers. Maybe some will come from my wife’s blog to see what her husband is really all about. Thanks for sticking around and reading!

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